Let's regain control of our digital lives

Semantical is a small privately funded team aspiring to help individuals regain and keep control of their digital lives by developing humane digital experiences and a technological base for all.

Our apps

Humane interfaces

We're building a tightly integrated suite of simple gamified productivity apps to assist our customers in their journey of personal growth. Two examples are…

Time well spent

A journaling app for tracking activities to help you spend your time and energy with purpose and intent.

Focus on today, every day

A planning app with a novel workflow to improve consistency while fighting overcommitment.

Our technology

A new kind of tech

By gradually making our data-level tech open source, we want to make it easy for everyone to contribute to a diverse ecosystem of apps that respect users’ data-ownership rights. We're building…


A declarative, database-less approach to persistence that automatically resolves sync conflicts.


A declarative view model layer with opt-in caching.

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Our dreams

A better way to create and share knowledge

Creating scalable backends requires great expertise and financial resources, which is why only big corporations can provide them. Semantical is part of a worldwide community that wants to change this. We're eager to contribute to a future in which…

Data for people

Users have complete control over their data and are able to share and transfer it freely.

Support for creators

Creators and curators are able to make a living by utilizing a broad set of options for being compensated and credited.

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